Ecotourism Norway

«Ecotourism is enriching nature and cultural experiences,organised by responsible tourism companies with consideration for their guests, the environment and the local community that they are a part of»
©Ecotourism Norway

A unique certification scheme for Norwegian Ecotourism.

Ecotourism Norway is owned by Innovation Norway, but was developed through a three year process in cooperation with a test group of tourism companies and destinations, GRIP - The Norwegian foundation for sustainable development and the Norwegian directorates for Cultural Heritage and Nature Management.The Norwegian government is funding the project.

As a result of the project a certification scheme for Norwegian Ecotourism was officially presented in January 2008 and the first companies have now been certified. Information about the certified companies will be made available on this website in due course. The certification scheme is developed uniquely with the Norwegian nature and cultural heritage in mind, but is fully inline with the prinsiples recommended by the International Ecotourism Society (TIES).

frame EcoNordic Image Foto: Bjørn Furuseth